2019 VNL – Team Rankings Week 3

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Last year, for my own personal amusement, I started to post a different version of player rankings from the official FIVB version using statistical categories that, I think, are more interesting and accurate and useful.  This year I thought I would add some team statistics that might help watching on TV.

All statistics are compiled using the Science Untangled reporting app, which is one among the suite of apps developed by Ben Raymond.  If you want to fiddle around with the statistics yourself, he has made a mini version of this app using just this data.  The link is here.

As you can see from the last week’s rankings (the numbers in red) there is a lot less movement here than the players’ lists.  It seems the best teams stay the best teams from week to week.  One thing I notice here is the defensive statistics list.  The statistic used (ATT/D, attacks per defensive opportunity, read the explanation here) seems to list pretty well capture the teams that you would normally expect to be considered as the best defensive teams.  Maybe the stat is a worthwhile one.  It can also be used individually.

teams week 3.jpg

Last week’s list is here.  Week 1’s list is here.  All VNL 2019 team and player lists are here.

The collection of Coaching Tips can be found here.

For more great coaching tips, check out the Vyacheslav Platonov coaching book here.


  1. how did you consider block in that section? what is the meaning of block? does it mean kill block or you also consider rebound? i think rebound is the key item we should consider in defense system, has major impact on digging.


    1. ‘block’ is direct block point.
      If you read the post on defensive statistics, you can understand my opinion.
      In short, I don’t consider rebounds at all. The point of the defence system is to make block points, or create chances for attack points. Therefore ATT/D.


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