Ardabil Volleyball Art Exhibition

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At this point it is well known that volleyball is very popular in Iran.  As I write this, fans are outside our team hotel blowing horns and generally carousing at 9.30 pm at night, long after the tournament has finished, just because the Iranian (and Australian 😉 ) team is inside.  In Iran we have received numerous gifts and taken countless selfies in between being escorted by police or other security at every turn.

The small city of Ardabil has shown it is extremely proud to be hosting us, right down to the art exhibition commissioned for the event.  The works were displayed in the team area of the stadium.  It seemed to me that they deserved a wider audience.  I wish I could attribute each of the artists appropriately, but the information was not available.  I hope my camera and photo scanning app has worked well enough to do them justice.  Part Two is here.  Click on each photo to expand.

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