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19 - every season

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It seems like an obvious thing to say, but sometimes it is the obvious things that we need to be reminded about.  Even if the individual members of the team remain the same those individuals change over time, as their goals and motivations and priorities are constantly evolving.  And if the twelve individuals in the team have changed since last season then the team is a new team.

For the coach that means nothing can be taken for granted from season to season.  Each season the team must be built from scratch.  All areas of the work of the team from rules to expectations and goals to tactical and technical goals to team building must be covered every season.  If the changes to the team are minor, then some areas can be covered quickly and the team can move on to the next one fast.  But making assumptions about anything to do with a team from one season to the next is a fraught with danger.

Take nothing for granted.

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