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Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of different statistics, most of them interesting, some of them useful.  The one statistic I have never seen or heard of anyone using is the ‘opponent’s attack percentage’.  I always look at it from match to match out of interest, but have never systematically followed it.  In the NBA they talk about it often as a measure of the defensive performance of a team.  That should hold for volleyball as well.

Thinking about it, it occurs to me that in volleyball the opponent’s attack percentage (OAP) should be a good measure of the ability of a team’s block (and to a lesser degree defence) to disrupt the attack.  Point scoring percentage measures serve/block/defence/transition attack.

OAP definitely doesn’t include transition attack or service aces, but does it accurately block effectiveness?

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  1. We actually used it regularly in the States. I think. (Its getting a long time ago now.)

    It makes a lot of sense that your opponent’s attack percentage tells you something about your ability to defend.

    At the risk of overcomplicating things, maybe it would be interesting to factor in serve aces and errors, and passing errors? If you looked at the number of kills in relation to the rallies which didn’t end before a hit was possible, that might be more accurate?


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