Coaching Tip #15

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15 - hair

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It is a fairly common characteristic of people to pay attention to their appearance in public, even more commonly among young people.  Maybe they do not spend a lot of time preparing their appearance for every single activity outside the house but for the most part there is a minimum standard that each individual will aim for a given activity.  The most obvious area that people spend time on their appearance is their hair.  Conversely, people tend to spend less time on their appearance when they are tired or rushed or running late or stressed or don’t care or sometimes even making a protest.

I suspect you already know where I am going with this.  As you get to know the players in your team, you will get to know how each of them likes to present themselves in public.  When those standards drop, that can be your first clue that something could be wrong with an individual or within the team.  As we know from Tip #11, we don’t need to jump to any conclusions but when your players arrive for practice, always,  always check the hair.

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