Two Polls About Defence

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  1. Hey Mark, for the first I said ‘other’ in that it may indicate a ‘red flag error’ (one where the player doesn’t know because they have not been taught – the error is on the coach not the player). Am happy to share an article on the different ‘types’ of errors (particularly relevant for developing athletes beyond absolute novice, although I remember Karch talking about a defensive system he spoke to the USA women about, without realising there were at least a dozen or more interpretations of what he was talking about… his message was take nothing for granted and teach the basics of everything John Wooden a big advocate of this I recall).


  2. I chose “other” for the first question. Depends on what kind of ball it was. If the ball was hit hard in front of the defender, maybe it was hardly “defendable” or maybe a blocking error, the first having less psychological importance, the latter a problem and needs adjustment. If it was within reach and “defendable” then it’s a missed opportunity and also needs adjustment.


  3. Being engaged in the game and wanting to get the ball is what is important to me coaching at a much lower level than you.
    Teaching the mindset that I want you to win the point not save it.
    Is what helps me get people to react and want to be involved in the point.


  4. I chose ‘other’ on the first poll. I don’t think there’s enough info. A ball in front of the defender could be because of poor defender positioning–or a lack of a block. It may be they were reacting to something and read it wrong or perhaps were told to make an adjustment that didn’t work out.


  5. The quality of the first contact depends…! It is always important to put it in a context of the Opponent‘s performance! The quality of an „keeping a Ball alive“- Defense can be outstanding and decisive (V. Grbić famous one f.e.) if an incredible safe…! On the other hand, if you get an easy Ball and the quality is bad… it might be a lost opportunity that you don‘t get offen, playing on Championship level! So, quality matters in the plays that you can act on… the rest is reaction, positioning, Intuition, experience, cooperation and understanding, observing, agile mind and body mobility and reflex.


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