Timeouts / Service Errors – Part 137

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Someone asked me today about service errors and timeouts from the Polish League in 2019-20.  Luckily I have access to the greatest volleyball analysis apps ever created and I could do it with three mouse clicks.  The answers?


– more jump serves

– more aces

– less errors

– more break points, that is less sideouts, that is timeouts made you less likely to win the rally

– reception almost exactly the same, which suggests that the increase in break points comes from more opportunities due to reduced errors

TOs POL 19-20

I also ran the test for some historical data of the German Bundesliga, 2008 -2020, that is the last thirteen seasons, for men and women.  The results are basically the same (except less aces for the women).


TOs GER 08-20

WOMENTOs GER 08-20 fr

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