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Here are the best players in the respective categories after the full preliminary round has been completed.  I have included the top ten this time.  Hopefully in the next few days I will write a summary.  A couple of comments… Some players have dropped off the lists because they no longer reach the minimum number of attempts which I have arbitrarily set at 40% of the maximum number of attempts for each position / skill.  The servers lists have changed a lot because I did a better job of splitting jump and float serves so it is more accurate.  I have included a combined list for jump servers and float servers which seems to show that float servers are better servers than jump servers.

Ben Raymond has done up a basic tool that lets you look at all players and sort your own lists.  It doesn’t have the same detail as the one I am using, but I’m sure it have everything you can think of.  You can find it here.vnl best players 5


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The collection of Coaching Tips can be found here.

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    1. I haven’t checked specifically but I will say, yes. Karpukhov for example has only about 4% aces but only 10% errors. That is why he is so high.


    2. Just checked. Wallace’s ace rate is 9.1% which is only just outside the top 10. But his error rate is only 10% which is the lowest error rate for any jump server with more than 100 attempts.


      1. So you are saying there is an advantage in serving lots of aces and not many errors? it would be really interesting to chart the ‘ace/error’ ratio against the opposition sideout %.


      2. Ace/error ratio accounts for less than half of all serves. Logically you have to take into account that 50+% of serves.
        Hence ‘expected opp SO rate’.


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