A Journey Of A Thousand Miles…

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…begins with a single step.  And ends with a last minute.  Our thousand (at least) mile journey ended with this minute.


  1. I loved your journey to the bitter end. This last minute is the wage for the hard work in the last months. It’s all about the last point in the playoffs, not about the first ones in the season.

    But your journey is not over. There is always a next season. So start a new journey.

    Thanks to everyone who worked for live-streaming the last matches. That is the way the german bundesliga should present volleyball for all the fans out there.


    1. Thanks, Ronny. I hope we will see more coverage of the league next season. And that we will have even more fans in the stadium for Champions League.


  2. I will be there!
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch Champions League matches live in the Max-Schmeling-Halle. I am really looking forward to it. In return, I invite you to watch matches of my team 😉


  3. Thanks for the long journey that was an interesting one. Seeing this development was a great pleasure. Being a Berlin Volley fan I suffered from living now in Portugal and working in Africa. Thanks to the live-stream I saw the last 3 sets of the final in Angola – becoming stressed not just with the game but also with 10 seconds of transmissions, 10 seconds without and than 5 seconds with just tone. But I was more than happy to have even this possibility!
    Doing business in Africa we always speak here about the 5 “P” – Persistence, Permanence, Patience, Purposefulness, Pragmatics.
    Our lawn is also growing slow but strong.
    I hope to be able to join the next journey of the Berlin Volley also from here – not hesitating how much steps it will take!
    Congratulation to a strong will, belief and patience!


  4. I followed your personal journey of thousands miles as a silent observer. A few years ago I heard of an australian coach of Bayer Wuppertal´s 2nd team for the first time and was quite suprised that someone travelled a lot more than a thousand miles to become coach of a 3rd or 4th devision team in Germany. Now – about 10 years later – I am ever more conscious that you´ve made the right choice back then. Even though it was a long journey from an empty gym in Wuppertal to a crowded Max Schmeling Halle in Berlin, you proved that in the end quality prevails! Chapeau!


    1. Thank you, Jones. I remember the days of coaching the SV Bayer 2nd team and the juniors very well. I thought about that season a lot over the last couple of weeks. Also because that was the last time Friedrichshafen lost in the semifinals 😉


  5. Hey Leb,

    Incredible win! Alexis gave me the good news the other day as I hadn’t been keeping an eye on your stuff for quite a while. The question is does it make up for the heartbreak of the losses we shared with the u/21 SA team about 20 years ago???
    In all seriousness great job and all the best for the next season, I assume if you win the championship you get reemployed….although it is volleyball!!!!



    1. Hey Schachty.
      Thanks for the message. I think the best answer to your question is to say that it is impossible to compare the two events 🙂
      And I have a job for next year too!!


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