Setters and Spikers

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As I’ve written before I eagerly listen The Net Live every week because despite US-centrism there are often valuable little nuggets in there.

For example, in this weeks show Reid Priddy spoke about integrating new setters (Don Suxho and Kevin Hansen) into the US National Team after having played with Lloy Ball for such a long.  The interesting part was the discussion about how demanding the spikers are of the new setters in terms of how and where and when they want the ball.   He went on to wonder whether this preoccupation with individual spiker’s preferences actually took away from the setter’s ability to run on offence, in essence, to play the game and therefore negatively impacted their overall performance.  He contrasted this with the experience of playing with an experienced setter like Lloy Ball and implied that noone dared tell Ball how to set, but that in the end the spikers just concentrated on spiking the ball they got.  And perhaps they all played better because of it.



  1. I do believe more spikers need to learn to keep there mouths shut. No body sets bad on purpose(Usually).


    1. I don’t think we’re necessarily talking about spikers complaining about the set, but rather the ongoing feedback and discussion between setter and spiker in order to find the perfect set for each spiker.
      I have seen setters deliberately set badly to a spiker to mess with them. Thankfully not often.


  2. I think there is also a difference between where a spiker thinks he/she wants the ball and where they actually need it………….


    1. Velasco’s rule is that the spikers don’t talk to the setter. Only the coach can talk to the setter. He has a slogan for it, but I don’t remember what it is.


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