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What I have known for a couple of weeks was on Thursday revealed to the world, or at least the small portion of the world that is interested in such things.  At a well attended press conference in Berlin, I was announced as the new coach of German club SCC Berlin.  Berlin is one of the top clubs in Germany and is, not unimportantly, extremely unlikely to go bankrupt in the near future.  For me it is a great opportunity and one that I am more than a little excited about.

The press conference/announcement was, as mentioned, well attended, and subsequently well reported.  Some of the reports are linked below.  It is kind of interesting to see the different directions that different journalists take with essentially the same information.  For example, one joke I made about my German speaking ability that got a laugh when I made it, but it seems less of laugh in print.  But that could just be because of my German speaking ability.


Berliner Morgenpost




  1. Congrats Mark. It’s good to see that in terrible situations, good work still gets recognised and rewarded. All the best with the new team. May you make playoffs and we get to hear about them from an insider!


  2. Yes!
    You did give me link before and I read it all, it looked good.
    I think on one of your club notices it did not mention that you coached the Oz Olympic team.
    I never commented on these blogs before.
    Will I get an email when you add something to it ?
    All the best Papa


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