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For most countries/clubs/leagues the most important date in their history typically revolves around some kind of on court success. But not always.

The most important date in German volleyball history is independent of anything performance related.  Instead it is the day that the most famous and best German player of his time, Burkhard Sude, went onto the biggest and most popular German TV show, and played by himself against a fifth division team.  The date was April 3rd 1982.

For a bit more background, the show is called ‘Wetten Daß’, which literally means ‘Bet That’, and it is just what it says.  People apply to be on the show betting that they can do something odd.  In this case that they can win a volleyball game against a full team, but others I have seen were things like skipping rope with bubble gum they chewed themselves, or guessing the weight of a yoghurt container with one spoonful of yoghurt taken out.  It is amazing the things that people can do.  Celebrities (often big international celebrities) who are in the studio, then bet on the outcome of this challenge, normally another kind of challenge or something that they can donate to charity.  The best winning challenge of the night gets a prize, surprisingly nothing special.  But after over 30 years it is still the biggest show in Germany.  It’s hard to explain.

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil it anymore.  The game itself starts at around the 6 minute mark.

Oh, and by the way, if you understand German wait until the very end, when the protagonist tries very awkwardly to flirt with / pick up one of the hostesses.


    1. I had several pairs of those shorts! In Australia we played in footy shorts so for me they were exotic and cool. Hopefully no pictures remain…


  1. My favourite part is the look on his face when he goes back to serve at 0-3. Like he’s just been toying with them until then.


  2. I wonder if any of those playing shorts they’re wearing come in men’s sizes!

    This aired 4 months before I was even born! I love it how under the serve-point system it takes 3 minutes for either side and at least 10 rallies to even score a point! And serves touching the net are errors. The good old days!


    1. I’m not sure that you can pine for the ‘good old days’ if you weren’t even alive when they happened!


      1. I grew up watching my dad play with the old rules. My first year playing junior league was in 1997, just before the libero rule, serving clipping the net rule, and rally point scoring.

        I played social volleyball at Magill Uni (the old teacher’s college comp) until 2008, which was trapped in a timewarp and played the old rules.


  3. Solid effort. Leb, did he actually win that hammock?? You and me and my new hammock how about it?


  4. We had and English show called “You Bet” and Malory Men’s VC appeared on it, Joel Banks, Steve Shittu, Mat Jones, Jefferson Williams, me, Richard Dobell etc. Our bet was that we could pop X number of balloons in 1 minute. They were held to a circular board and we had to spike over the net at them and burst them. That was done at Pinewood studios. Went out on Saturday Night prime time TV.


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