What Just Happened – Part 8

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I have done quite a few reviews of game actions. Why players don’t seem like they’re going for a ball. Setters taking the first ball when they don’t need to. Spikers making bad choices. Defenders not working as a team. When effort and readiness get confused. And a bunch more. Here is another.

Upon first viewing, this seems pretty straightforward. Excellent attack, followed by free ball, followed by point at the second attempt, good volleyball, move one. Hopefully you know by now that I am pretty picky about what is good volleyball and I am not able to move on 😀 😀 .

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Upon repeated viewings, an eagle eye will notice that as the free ball comes over the net, the setter moves towards the ball and waits as the libero passes it. Only after the libero plays it does the he start to move towards the net. The libero, of course, plays the free ball perfectly, so the setter has to sprint 6m to get to the ball. In the end instead of waiting at the net and calmly choosing between four options, he is off balance and has only one. Luckily the hitter is pretty good and scores and noone (nearly 😉 ) notices. It is another example of the result covering up poor play.

What would cause such a huge breakdown of play? It could be that he doesn’t know there is a player in that part of the court. That explains the first few steps. But even then, once he saw another player he could start to move to the net. In volleyball, one player should move towards the ball as the rest of the players move away from it. That is the simple principle that defines great team play.

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