Some Thoughts On Pepper

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I regularly have coaches message me and ask to visit and observe my practice. Where practicable, I always say yes and spend some time with those coaches afterwards to chat about what they have seen and answer any questions. Not everyone can have that chance to visit my gym, but with the wonders of the internet we can have the next best thing.

In this webinar, you will see my team going through various drills and exercises clipped from a couple of weeks practice with a single team. While the clips are playing, the Director’s Commentary, if you will, explains how I structure my practices, why I choose specific drills and methods and other insights into how I think about practice. The total presentation is ~53 minutes and covers:

1 – Four Phases of Practice
2 – Drills for each phase
3 – Structuring the phases
4 – Drill conduct

The clip below shares some of my thoughts on the pepper as a drill and as a part of the practice plan, including what to listen for.

It is cut from a full 50 minute webinar on Welcome to My Gym.

To see the entire webinar, click here.

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