Cognitive Biases in Volleyball – Errors and Regret

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I am on a bit of a role with these cognitive bias posts. In the last week or so I have written about errors and risk and about training and recovery. I have a theory that the popularity of coach centred teaching methodologies (e.g. blocked training) lies somewhere in the haystack of cognitive biases. While I was searching I found another one that can be applied to errors and risk.

The basic premise of my original post was that for some reason we value errors too highly. I suggested Certainty EffectHindsight Bias, and Loss Aversion as likely contributors (from this list) to the phenomenon. But today I came across another very, very likely candidate, Regret Aversion. Regret Aversion is when people anticipate regret if they made a wrong choice, and take this anticipation into consideration when making new decisions.

Does that sound exactly like someone standing at the service line wondering whether to make their best serve? Yes, I thought so.

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