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As some people have probably noticed, my YouTube channel was recently terminated without notice. The official reason given was for breaking community guidelines, but they do not provide specifics. No mention was made of copyright violations and in the past they have blocked individual videos, always from the Olympics. Ultimately, I have no idea what I did inadvertently or otherwise.

Obviously a fair bit of work went in to uploading the videos but that doesn’t bother me so much. I still have the originals and the work preparing those files was work I would have done anyway. Uploading the files actually motivated me to do it faster than I probably would have otherwise. The much more annoying part is losing the playlists that I had curated that brought together the videos that everyone has posted all over YouTube that never come up no matter what search terms you use. But such is life.

Technically, I think, I am permanently blocked from YouTube, but I did have another channel already and that seems to be intact, although I have no idea for how long. I won’t upload the old games again, but I will slowly re-upload the highlight and technical bits and pieces and videos that were embedded in blog posts. Maybe I will have another go at the playlists.

If anyone wants any of those old games, I am sure we can figure something out.

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