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I am probably not the world’s worst tourist, but I am pretty bad.  For the most part seeing stuff, no matter how impressive or famous that stuff is, is not very interesting to me.  When I go somewhere with work, I go there to work, and when I am not working I am probably in the hotel trying to rest.  But every so often I do find my self somewhere inspiring, where I have to visit some iconic place.

So it was when I was recently in St Petersburg.  Like all sensible tourists, from the moment I knew I was going there my only thought was to visit the most iconic spot in entire city: The Platonov Volleyball Academy.  The Platonov Volleyball Academy was established by renowned Soviet coach Vyacheslav Platonov and opened shortly before he died.  It is privately owned and run by a foundation.  From its conception it was intended to be a fully self contained living and training environment for young athletes with living quarters, training facilities, restaurant and even a hairdresser.  It also contains a small museum devoted to his career and achievements.  It is the home of the Automobilist club in the second Russian League, and hosts a memorial tournament for its founder each pre season.

Thanks to Platonov’s daughter, Olga, I was able to arrange a visit and a tour.  I took a few photos.  Everyone should go there.  Hover over the individual photo for a caption, click for full size. Read the story of the ‘Dollar Bill’ here.  Learn more about the English translation of his book here.

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  1. Morning Mr. Lebedew ( it is 9:24am Alberta, Canada)

    I was reading my newest book I received from my family, Rising by Sharon Wood. 8 pages in, my brain fell back into its regular procession of volleyball thoughts. In my area I have searched out mentors and leaders and found fantastic sources to emulate and learn from, all at a distance, yourself included. For being a mentor, I thank you.

    I had an athlete share news that they had been selected to be a captain for her club, we can call her DE. I have been training and attempting to mentor DE for 12 months straight now and she shows no sign of slowing in her quest to learn.

    When DE shared the news of this new role she was tasked with, I was congratulatory, but that was it. It dawned on my that I do not understand what it means to be a captain, let alone how to guide an athlete tasked with that responsibility.

    DE is ambitious and I have full faith she will discover lessons in the role.

    But I want to learn from you what a team captain is. I could not find much on the role on you blog or through search’s.

    Can you help me?

    Thank You Braden Lanctot



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