Timeouts In Beach Volleyball

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I have been known to postulate on the effectiveness of timeouts, and have studied the subject at some length.  The following is nothing to do with my direct work, but for the sake of completeness and collecting everything in one place, I am reporting on a study done by Ben Raymond, Alexis Lebedew and Chau Le into timeouts in beach volleyball.

A summary of the article by Alexis Lebedew can be found here.

The article in it’s entirety can be found here.

To summarise the summary, 1,300 matches were studied including over 3,700 timeouts.  The level of competition was predominantly from international competition, ranging through Olympic Games, to World Tour, to continental tour, to national tour.

The results of the analysis was that:

  • Sideout percentage after a timeout was not different to the overall sideout percentage for rallies not preceded by timeouts.
  • At levels lower than World Tour level (using a smaller sample) there is evidence that sideout percentage after timeouts did increase, particularly when taken after after the loss of two points.

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