The Wisdom Of Bernardinho

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Bernardinho congress
photo: Thiago Chas/Congresso

In July 2019, Bernardo Rezende presented at a Brazilian coaching conference.  I hope to be able to post some of the details of that presentation at a later date.  In the meantime, some highlights.  Dare I say meme worthy, you are so inclined.

– What is the mission of a coach? Our mission is to add value to the lives of our athletes, be it sports life or life as a whole.

– The mission is to leave the shirt higher than I received.

– Obsession for growth, learning, improvement is critical.

– If people do not have this mindset of wanting to improve day by day, they are doomed to decline.

– What characteristics does a person need to have to be a leader? The foundation is the trust, and it comes from the credibility.

– Leadership begins with character. If the group didn’t trust me, they wouldn’t fight for me. And I need to have confidence in the leader. Never want to fool your player. If you act well, he acts well with you.

– Taking responsibility is the only way we can grow.

– Life is not always fair. We need to embed this in our young people’s heads. They want everything right away.

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