On Rules…

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Coaches are in the business of creating teams. A well functioning team is characterised by discipline and unity.  Indeed these characteristics are essential for a great team.  The tried and true method of developing discipline and creating unity is to make every player equal, and to make rules that control all parts of the player’s day.

Rules give the outward impression of discipline and unity.  The assumption that coaches make is that by creating an outward discipline and unity, they simultaneously also create internal discipline and unity.  A team that looks and acts as one, must be a real team.

The reality is difference.  Players (people?) naturally, reflexively look to rebel against small, insignificant rules.  Players (people?) feel small, insignificant rules inhibit their freedom, which negatively impacts any number of things, including engagement and decision making.

Something that looks like discipline, may not be.  Something that looks like unity, may not be.  Rules do not create actual discipline and unity.  If that is your goal, you need a different strategy.

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