Volleyroos At The Volleyball Nations League

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The inaugural Volleyball Nations League (VNL) has now been completed with Russia dominating The Finals and coming away with the first ever gold medal.  While many consider the competition to be the same as the old World League, it had many differences.  One of those was the principle goal of the VNL, specifically to increase the visibility and marketability of volleyball.  To achieve this 16 teams were chosen to participate, including Australia, based partly on sporting considerations and partly on commercial considerations.  Another difference was the format.  Over five weeks, the 16 teams played each other once.  This made for a gruelling schedule, but was a revelation from a competitive point of view.

The Australian team, the Volleyroos, had a successful tournament.  We were competitive for periods in every match against all the best teams and came away with five wins, including victories against Bulgaria and Italy.  Most importantly, we secured our position in the league for another year.  Along the way we played some very, very high level volleyball and proved we don’t have to back down from any opponent.  Each week we collected some of those actions into a single clip to remind ourselves just how good we can be.  Here they are those clips collected in one place.  I hope you enjoy these moments as much as I did.

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