Velasco On Creating A Winning Mentality

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velasco on winning

According to the great Julio Velasco, there are three stages to winning or more accurately three stages to creating a winning mentality.

1. Victory against your own defects and limits.

2. Realising that difficulties are not impediments to progress.

3. Defeating my opponents.

The full quote is…

How do you make yourself have the winning mentality?

“To this question I always respond with a paradox. Winning! The problem is how to win? Three typologies exist. The first victory is against your own defects and limits. The role of the boss is fundamental: they must set easily reachable objectives, in a way which allows them to take one step at a time and, above all it must give help to individuals to resolve their defects. And then to overcome difficulties is the key training needed. This is the second typology of winning. The difficulties they must no longer be seen as something that impedes progress but as an opportunity of training myself to overcome them”.

And the third victory?

“It is that one against the adversaries, the contenders. That is scheduled: on one side challenging adversaries that are within my reach, on the other side, at the same time, challenging against the best, even if I lose. This serves me by establishing a high point of reference. Sometimes one learns more losing against a strong adversary rather than winning from a weaker one”.

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