Coaching Tip #25

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Coaches feel a lot of different pressures in their work.  There are many outside factors (management, fans, press, parents, results) that weigh on the coach.  There are additional internal factors that make the coach want to put forward a serious front to their players.  Ultimately, whether imposed from without or within these pressures affect the mood of the coach and can in many circumstances sap some of the joys of life.  One of those joys is laughter.

There are plenty of funny things that happen over the course of a day in the life of coach.  When funny things happen, laugh.  When funny things happen to you, laugh first and loudest.  It might not make you a better coach, but it may make you a better person and it will definitely improve your quality of life and make you more pleasant to be around.  Actually, it will make you a better coach.

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