Shane Battier On Coaching Motivations

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The major motivation for coaches is obvious to everyone: To win.  Coaches will do everything they can to win. Or will they? Shane Battier, NCAA and NBA champion, has a slightly different take*.  Do you agree?

“There’s not a coach out there who doesn’t want to prove their worth.  You have to have some serious cojones to step back and say maybe our best shot at winning, our best chance of being a good team, is actually letting my guys go. … Most college coaches think the best way to hold on to my job is to show everybody that I know what I’m doing.  And I’m going to do that by strangling the basketball and making it a low possession game so the my strategy shines.”

Speaking on the Hot Takedown podcast here, at around the 30 minute mark.


Read about the great new Vyacheslav Platonov coaching book here.

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