Jerry Seinfeld’s Secret Of Success

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I love it when I’m right! ‘Success’ really is going to be an ongoing series

This time it is Daniel Coyle’s blog who provided the story of one person’s pursuit of excellence in his own field.  In an original article in the New York Times, Jerry Seinfeld provides some of the secrets of his success.  He tells of the work the goes into writing a good joke and Coyle distills his lessons into four main guidelines (in italics are my comments).

1) Embrace revision and repetition. That is, practice.
2) Be creative and ruthless in self-testing. That is, feedback.
3)  Learn from parallel crafts.  That is, learn continually.
4) Be obsessively, monkishly habitual about methods and tools. That is, control your practice environment.

So if I wanted to distill Daniel Coyle’s interpretation of Jerry Seinfeld’s Secret of Success, I would say it comes down to practice, feedback, education and practice.

The following video is cool, even if you don’t have time to read either of the orginal links.

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