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When Yasutaka Matsudaira was named as coach of the Japanese men’s volleyball team they had just won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics.  That appointment was the first step of a process that led to the Olympic gold medal in 1972.  Along the way he helped revolutionise the way volleyball was played and prepared for.  As luck would have it, he wrote the story of the journey AND someone translated it into English.

It is a fascinating read about the development of volleyball and about the development of a program and many of its lessons are applicable today.  You can click on the cover to read the book.

The book was written before this team’s finest hour, the Olympic gold medal in Munich in 1972.  The following You Tube clip seems to be a documentary of the semi final match against Bulgaria that they won are fighting back from 0-2 and then 3-9 in the fifth set.

Some of the players and personalities talked about in the book can also be picked out of the videos from the 1966 and 1970 World Championships that have been posted on by the FIVB on their You Tube channel.

PS  I apologise for any copyright infringement.  I checked to see if it available online and it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.


  1. First This is Vic Lindal. I helped arrange the translation of this book. In 1975 I was the guest of Mr. Matsudaria for 2 months. At that time we were able to arrange permission to publish the book in English. Mr. Kikuchi did the translation while Lorne Sawuala did the technical evaluation. Recently while in Japan I gave a presentation to Globis International (video on their web site) We highlighted the power of vision. Now to 9 person Volleyball Big in Asia slightly bigger court. No rotate. Here is the key 5 people attack. The genus of the multiple attack, (called the sacrifice system) All three attack only one is set.


    1. Hi Vic
      I am very happy that you found this page. I hope it is okay to post the book here. I thought it was of historical value and it is not available anywhere else.
      Do you have a link for the video? I have tried to find it but cannot.


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