Olympic Volleyball Power Rankings – Day 7

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Well, that was quick. And more to the point I finally got a couple of predictions correct. To the rankings…
1 (1) Russia. They looked great winning the first two sets even if not quite as dominant as against Poland. One has to point out that they did seem to tighten up a little after that though. However, they made the plays they had to, especially from the service line. Mikhaylov was simply astonishing against times. 21/32 is incredible for an Olympic semi final. And Tetyukhin looks especially motivated to win a gold medal at his fifth try. They look ready.
2 (2) Brazil. I wish I’d seen more of the game especially the second set. Wallace seems to have fit in without a problem and straight from the statistics Murilo is in great form. The will be very, very tough to beat. I expecting a classic!
3 (3) Bulgaria. Despite my (overly) confident prediction, the started nervously. Although it is possible that my prediction had no impact whatsoever on the outcome. But I digress. Once they settled in they were a good match for Russia. Aleksiev had another excellent match in attack and Sokolov was solid if not as dominant as previously. They have a great chance to win a medal.
4 (4) Italy. They obviously couldn’t repeat their quarter final performance although I haven’t seen any reports about Berrutto having misplaced his team again. Savani was obviously able to hold his level but he was the only one. I suspect they will be under more pressure than Bulgaria and we will get the chance to see whether in Italy pressure makes diamonds or coal.
5 (5) USA
6 (6) Poland
7 (7) Germany
8 (8) Argentina
9 (9) Australia
10 (10) Serbia

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