Volleyball Video Challenge System?

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Between this press release and this video, something was lost in translation.

On the bright side, volleyball is still a couple of decades ahead of football / soccer.

For amusement, watch how the second referee signals the end of the match without having signalled the end of the rally, or waiting to see the referee’s final decision.

Thanks, to Volleywood for posting the video.


  1. Do you think there will there be technologies like Hawk-eye available for volleyball? And if there are, do you think they will be used?

    For example, it could be used much like the cricket “deviation meter” they brought in this summer to measure the cut and swing off the pitch.

    In the volleyball case, it could be used for determining the target of the spike and seeing if the block has had any affect by causing a deviation. And obviously the simple in or out calls. I wonder if you could get enough data from the distance from the spike contact to the block…


    1. Volleyball doesn’t need Hawk-eye. As you can see from the above video, normal HD TV has enough clarity to show virtually all situations. Because it is not related to a computer program it is available in real time, and it is not a prediction about what probably happened, it shows exactly what happened.
      I can envision a time in the very near future when there is a fourth official beside the court monitoring TV footage in real time and providing information to the match officials.


  2. I think the second referee is assisting the first referee in that he thinks it was out. This sort of communication happens throughout the match. For example if the players are near position 4 and the one of the players double contacts the ball and the first referee is unsighted, since the second referee can’t call a double contact they will make a signal to the first referee that it was a double contact. Usually you try to be a bit more subtle than this referee was. If the second referee was calling the point, say it hit the antenna on his side he would blow the whistle indicate the ball was out and the first referee would indicate the side serving.


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