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No, that’s not a spelling error. The name of the movie was Side Out, two words. And that was by far not the worst error.  But I digress.

Recently I was reminded of the classic 90’s movie, Side Out.  I say classic because it is by far the greatest volleyball themed movie ever made.  No movie buff would ever dispute that.  Volleyball buffs on the other hand, while enjoying a movie about their passion with recognisable stars that they could point out (and laugh about their acting ability) often have a little trouble with it.  Not the movie itself.  It is a fairly standard sports movie with the good guys winning against all odds at the end.  But there is a little sticking point about the last point of the climactic match.  The last point is scored on the worst double hit of all time.  It is so bad that it doesn’t even look like a set.  At least that is the way I remembered it.

Once reminded of the movie, I just had to see that last point to see if it was really as bad as I’d remembered it.  I figured it was sure to be on You Tube.  So I tried every search string I could thing of, including ‘worst set ever’.  To my surprise it was nowhere to be found.  I eventually tracked down the movie (which I enjoyed) and saw the set.

I’ll let you judge for yourself but I can say that from now on anyone searching ‘worst set ever’ on You Tube will find this scene.


    1. I know guys who have played against the Iron Ladies (and lost!!) but I’ve never actually seen the film. But now I must. Thanks for reminding me 🙂


  1. It’s amazing that you know people who played against the Iron Ladies! Was that in Thailand?

    On another note, totally agree on the set being a double touch. but it seems to me like the spiker touches the net also 🙂 well it depends of the shot, in the first front shot he is clear, but in the next shot from the back, it really looks like he did !


    1. I’m not sure I would say great, but even watching it last week I enjoyed it. I used to have all of the shorts they wore except the Spot Sport ones. Always wanted a pair of those…


  2. I believe sweeping someones feet out from underneath them may also be illegal! Isn’t that right Randy?


  3. I was bored recently and bought every volleyball themed movie on ebay/amazon… except Air Bud (although i should if not for what i expect to be a spectacularly bad performance from Gabriella Reece). I bought 4 copies of Sideout to hand out. and i even found a copy of “Spiker” featuring the 84/88 USA men’s team (Dusty Dvorak is credited as an associate producer. wtf?). I have digitised the VHS if anyone wants a copy. The Danny Kinda guys re-cut the sideout trailer to give another spin to the movie:

    Randy Stoklos wins the Oscar for “least worst performance from a volleyball athlete in a male role”….


  4. You can download the free movie app ‘crackle’ on iPad, iPhone, Android and it has sideout on it. Plus some other b grade movies that are not volleyball related.


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