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I have no neutral memories of my season with VC Franken.  I hated the people who cheated me out of my pay (this could also fit the previous half season with SG Eltmann) and those who tried to sue me for money that I didn’t owe them.   I loved the people who work night and day to try to save the team.  I loved the team and how we developed on the court over the course of the season despite our off court troubles.

This game is significant for no reason.  It was actually pretty bad.  I’m only posting it as a memory of the occasion.  As a completist, I should note that if you watch the two points from the 3:16 minute mark you will see the two points that inspired me to throw my folder on the ground and earn a yellow card.  I should also note, without judgement, that the following season in the same gym, in the finals of the league, I threw a (plastic) bottle of coke which consequently exploded, spilling some of it’s contents on the floor and various people.  For that I received no sanction.

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