‘To Win You Need To Put In Your Soul’

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I’ve recently seen some quotes attributed to Russian coaching great, Vyacheslav Platonov.  There’s something here for everyone.

Working in the team try to become a friend and mentor to the players.  The only way to have friends and kindred spirits is to be a friend yourself.”

“Victory formula  =  99% sweat  + 1% inspiration.”

“Victories come when their time comes.  Often later than you wish.  Patience  is an essential quality of a coach’s profession.”

‘There are many who can coach well.  There are only a few who can build and create teams.  Those are the highest level of coaching expertise.”

‘Often you can hear from coach ‘They (players) lost because they did not do what I told them to.’  This is not on!  Never reward yourself for something outside your control.  Never talk about the team as ‘they’  –  always only ‘we’.”

“We won”,  “we lost”.  Try to take most of the blame on yourself.  That does not mean that you cannot criticise individual players, but the team, publically  –  extremely rarely.”

“Players putting into the game mind and strength, is not enough for victory.  It is necessary to put in the soul.  A team that put into the game all its strength, mind and soul cannot leave the court defeated.”

“You, coach are coming into a new team.  Never start work by discarding everything old, even if you are forced to break it.  Those who don’t remember the past, do not have a future.”

Do not be afraid to learn from players.  Especially new techniques.  “Stars” become “stars” because they do many things non standard, not by the text book.”

‘It is a well known fact that order and structure will beat brilliance.’

Read about the great new Vyacheslav Platonov coaching book here.

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