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The Loch Ness Monster of volleyball actions is the guy who ‘hits over the block and inside the 3m line, I swear!’. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of it, but I know exactly how many times I’ve seen it: zero. I will go as far as to say that it has never happened and will never happen. Unless the block is standing on the ground, but then it doesn’t count. Another myth is the ‘1m from net’ spike. But I can now say I’ve seen one. By a setter no less…

I am on the record as saying that pure height in volleyball is way, way overrated. One reason is that really tall guys rarely, if ever, take full advantage of their height. They play the way everyone else plays which reveals that their flaws are just like everyone else’s flaws. One of the very few exceptions to this rule is the Polish middle blocker Mozdzonek. He understands that his height (2.11m) is an advantage and how to use it. For example…

While we’re trolling around www.volleyball-movies.pl we might as well look at a couple more videos. I don’t generally approve of this kind of thing in my teams, but I quite enjoy it as a fan.


  1. hahaha.

    there was always some myth i kept hearing in state league that slugger hit an OT that went inside the attack line.

    to the middle blocker’s credit in the 3rd video, he went to block the “quick dig”.

    Ricardo’s set was just ridiculous


  2. myth is correct. simple pytharos… a squared + b squared = c squared. How how above the net does the spiker have to be?
    I have seen the Ricardo set with Fabio Vullo and Steve Timmons playing in the Italian league in 91? My question is it more or less difficult for a right hander to spike that ball?


  3. I would guess it’s harder for the right hander to hit that ball in position 2, but they would find it easier doing it in position 4. It’s harder for a right hander to hit a ball while turning clockwise, but if it’s Steve Timmons I’m sure it doesn’t make a difference.

    What were the bulgarians comlaining to the ref about in the mozdzonek block? what could you complain about?


    1. I was more impressed by the Timmons hit, but I was less grizzled then.
      The Bulgarians were complaining because they realised how embarrassing it looks in slow motion 😀


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