Terry Pettit on Leadership

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Every week on Tuesday I log onto iTunes to get the latest episode of The Net Live which I then listen to in the car on the way to practice.  Nearly every week there is something interesting and if not, at least they are talking about volleyball because frankly I don’t get enough of that.  There have been a couple  of particularly interesting interviews with Hugh McCutcheon that I have written about here and here.  On this weeks episode they interviewed former Nebraska women’s college coach Terry Pettit, who was pimping his book. It turned out to be 30 minutes extremely well spent.  So much so that it has climbed into my top three Net Live interviews.  I even managed to put together a couple of highlights.

“A part of leadership is doing what you’re supposed to do.”  Examples included calling for the ball and taking risks when risks are required.

“Leadership is behaviour.  It is committing to championship behaviour under stress.  Not drawing attention to yourself after making an error by shouting and scream is a leadership behaviour.”

“You build loyalty through relationships.”  Which reminds me of a discussion about loyalty on Devo back in the day.

‘”The key is not figuring out how others do it, the key is taking the things they do best, figuring out what you do best and leveraging that.”  You can’t copy someone else.  You can learn valuable lessons from others, but you can only be yourself.

He also talked a lot about the value of mentors.  A mentor should be someone that knows and understands you well, that you trust and preferably works in the same field as you.

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