Happy Days

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Practice started yesterday and with it, my favourite time of the year.  The first couple of weeks of pre season training are a great time.  They are a time of good humour and optimism.  Every team is better than last season.  Every team is equal first.  Every player is fit and unfatigued and a starter.  The contract you signed is great.  And (and this shouldn’t be underestimated) the sun is still shining.  It is a time to enjoy but sooner or later reality peeks his (her?) head around the corner with a wide grin.  Because as we all know only one team can be first.  Most teams aren’t better than last season.  Players (and coaches) get injured and fatigued and only seven of them start.  Not all contracts are actually paid on time.  Or at all.  And winter comes faster than you’ve planned.  Alway faster.  Much faster.

For the moment though, I’m prepared to enjoy it although it’s only day two and we’ve had our first injury.  And it’s raining, but still.


  1. Good luck, Mark!! With 3 weeks left in my season, it seems like an AGE ago since I had the optimism of pre-season training…


  2. Good to hear Mark, hope the good feeling keeps up. I’ve had seasons at my last club where we’d lose a lot of players or something would go wrong and we wouldn’t get that early optimism at all. It’s an all-too-familiar feeling in amateur sport. Murph, I share your sentiments! Pre-season training was great!


  3. Hi Mark!
    I always feel a similar way in the preseason! We had our first session last night and I’d like to say that it was with a squad of fresh faced, fit individuals but thats not always the case is it? The good news is that everyone finished the session without aggravating anything and we get a full week to recover before the next session! The teams in our division of the English National League may be quaking in their boots!


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