Polish Finals – Game 2

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The key word for Game 2 of the Polish Finals between Skra Belchatow and Jastrzebski Wegiel was ‘fight’.

The teams were fighting against each other.  There were a few good trash talking moments noticeable on TV.

The teams were fighting with the referees.  Emotions ran hot at some  bad decisions that high definition TV all too easily reveals.  The final score was one yellow card, although there could easily have been four.

One team at least (Belchatow) seemed at times to be fighting with the coach.  Or at least there was some tension.

But mostly the players and teams were fighting with their own mental and physical fatigue from the long season and the five sets they played at the limit the night before.

The quality of the game was lower than the night before with a lot more errors and many problems in all phases.  The biggest difference at the end was player of the match Mariusz Wlazly who bounced back from a sub par performance to top score with 20 points.  Igor Yudin again led Jastrzebie with 17, but not at the same efficiency as game 1.

The teams now take a short break to regroup and return to the court on Monday and Tuesday, which now becomes the earliest that the a champion can be crowned.  On the basis of the first two matches, virtually anything is possible.

The stats for the game are here.  A gallery for the game is here.

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