German Champions – Friedrichshafen

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It turned out to be closer than expected, but Friedrichshafen won their 11th (and 6th in row) German Championship last night.  After winning the first two matches comfortably and then losing the third match at home, they clinched the title in just about the most dramatic way possible.  Down 0-2 on the road, they came back from 21-23, saved a match point in the third and won it in five sets.  With opposite Georg Grozer continually finding spectators with his spikes, the heroes for Friedrichshafen were junior Christian Fromm (the fourth receiver at the beginning of the season) and second opposite Adrian Gontrariu.

Both teams however are now qualified for next season’s Champions League and will begin the process of building their teams for the next step.

Stats for the match are here.

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