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I heard a couple of times in the last couple of weeks that this has been a strange season in many respects.  For whatever reason things have happened this season that haven’t happened before, including cases of fraud in places where such things are rare.  In Greece there is always plenty of action and and off the court.  I have heard stories of death threats against players but I’m not sure that is different from a normal season.  Earlier in the season one club (AEK Athens) were penalised 63 points in the league for being er … tardy with salaries.  Why, after years and years of nearly all clubs not paying salaries should one suddenly be penalised, I don’t know.  Perhaps the court felt the same way in upholding their appeal and giving the points back, but the process is still going on.  There is always crowd trouble and this year is no different.  When Panathinaikos and Olympiakos reached the cup final, the league, remembering that last years event was abandoned due to rioting, decided to play the event with only neutral fans.  True volleyball fans got to witness a mighty five set match, won 18-16 at the end by Panathinaikos, despite 30 points from Miljkovic (here and here).  But the topper was this event in the quarter final between two teams from Thessaloniki, Aris and Iraklis.

The player maintained he couldn’t continue which meant that his team, Aris, won on forfeit and went through to the semifinals.  Iraklis maintained, not unreasonably in my view, that he faked it.  Aris have won the initial court ruling, and will play in the semis beginning on Monday.  Volleycountry has a story on it here.


  1. did i read this right on volleycountry? is Roumeliotis, who to the dive the Greek National Team Captain???? I’m not sure, but isn’t a player of that quality expected to respond a bit differently in these sorts of situations?


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