Women’s Champions League

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For a variety of reasons, I don’t normally watch much women’s volleyball, but yesterday I logged into laola to watch the women’s Champions League final.  The match was between Foppapedretti Bergamo from Italy and Fenerbahce from Turkey in front a full house in Cannes, France.  Foppa won in the end of what was an entertaining match, in which Fenerbahce came back from 0-2 (after winning the semifinal 20-18 against Cannes the day before) before running out of steam at the end.  A couple of things crossed my mind while watching the game.

I’m not a believer in the widely accepted idea that the longer the rallies the more interesting the volleyball.  For me, interminable rallies are just as dull as consecutive service errors.  But in certain situations long rallies add a layer of tension that can otherwise be absent.

The serving in women’s volleyball is unbelievably tough, but not as unbelievably good as the reception.

Franesca Piccinini is one of, if not THE, most famous female volleyball player in the world and is widely known for her beauty.  In Italy she regularly does photo shoots in various states of undress.  All of which overlooks the fact that she is a REALLY good player.  She was easily the best and important player for Foppa and deservedly won the Final Four MVP.

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