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1 - judgements

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They say that first impressions are important but they also say don’t jump to conclusions.  At the beginning of every pre season, there is always some player who has worked hard in the break and arrives in mid season form.  And there is always some player who arrives out of shape who looks like he has never touched a volleyball before.  Most players of course fall somewhere in between.

It is an easy trap to start to make judgements based on those first impressions, but experience tells you not to make snap judgements.  An experienced coach knows that the first week has exactly zero predictive power for the performance of either the team or individuals.  So sit back, and observe how different players react to training (and each other).  After a couple of weeks you will start to notice that many of those initial observations were not accurate, or very useful.  Then you are starting to make useful judgements.  And you won’t have to change your mind.

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