Why I Love Volleyball

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I could also have titled this ‘Volleyball in the 21st Century’.  This is a great example of the latest evolution of volleyball and why I think it is the most dynamic, spectacular and exciting sport in the world.

And one specific point… I have written often enough about how volleyball has changed in the last two or three years.  This rally contains nine net crosses and not one high ball.  As recently as 2012, at least one of the teams would have tried to slow the game by setting a high, high ball, which in all probability the spiker would have tipped short to position 1.  Now, they are always attacking, always looking for a place they can attack the block and defence.

Anyway, enjoy…


  1. Good rally, to be sure, but my first reaction is that Max Holt should have done much better with the overpass than hit the ball right at one of the best libero’s in the world. Hard to turn off the coaching filter. 🙂


  2. I remember you running an FIVB course in Canberra back in 2011 and you said that you really didn’t know what evolution of men’s volleyball there could be. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on what HAS happened over the proceeding 4 years.


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