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On my recent trip to the US, I was lucky enough to visit the UCLA campus and more specifically the Athletics Department Hall Of Fame.  In the Hall Of Fame they have a special section devoted to John Wooden.  In it they have recreated his Den just as it was when he was alive.  It is kind of fascinating.

John Wooden is a huge coaching name all over the world.  My Italian colleague made a point of buying one of Wooden’s books despite not being all that fluent in English.  But I digress…

While doing some research yesterday, I came across the following quote from Wooden in a short article written by 1988 gold medal winning coach, Marv Dunphy.  I think it is self explanatory.

“Growth is the result of the things that we experience and our study of the experience of others and how we react to both good fortune and misfortune.”


  1. When i saw the youtube video of the Den I thought it was a bit weird that UCLA recreated where he spent his time when he retired, and not the UCLA office he would have had in all those winning years. Kinda cool and creepy diorama!


    1. The office would have been better. My guess is they didn’t think of it when he retired and then it was too late. I think it’s still a nice memorial.


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