When Is A Spike Point Like Hard Core Pornography?

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The simple answer is never.

Hard-core pornography is famously difficult to define, although one knows it when one sees it.

A spike point, on the other hand, is mindboggingly easy to define.  A spike that wins a point.  Convention allows that spikes the force errors from the opponent (control or ball handling) are also counted as spike points.

There is an argument that a net touch from the block should be considered as a forced error from the opponent.  This argument is incorrect.  A net touch is a purely voluntary action.  No one forces a blocker to touch the net.  It is a fault, an unforced error.  It cannot, logically, be attributed to a spiker.

So in a note to all leagues and scoutmen and coaches who consider a net touch to be a spike point, please stop.  You are wrong.

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