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The following is cut and paste directly from the Volleywood facebook page here.  I cut and paste it in case people can’t see it without being on facebook. It is a clear and, I think, objective timeline of events that bring us to this point.

For the record, I follow the principle that if you are good enough and have worked hard enough to be in a position to control your destiny, then you deserve that chance.  I am certainly not in a position to judge those in this situation.

As for the FIVB, I find it somewhat disengenuous for them to be up in arms.  They approved the system explicitly and at least tacitly approved the objectives of it.  If you play with fire, you can’t be surprised when you get burnt.

As for the Italians, they seem to be concentrating only on the Brazilian involvement and overlooking the actions of the two Italian coaches (Bagnoli from Russia and Prandi from Bulgaria) and the Serbian who must be laughing his head off having started it and more or less gotten off scott free.


2010 World Champs: YOU NEED TO READ THIS! This is the TIMELINE showing HOW THE DRAMA STARTED! This could be the NASTIEST vball event we’ve EVER SEEN! A lot of FANS are in DISGRACE! Some feel ASHAMED & some REGRET the steps their fave teams have taken to WIN. This REALLY SUCKS! SEE MORE BELOW!

(As we all know Brazil played it’s worst volleyball against Bulgaria earlier today without Bruno & Murilo. Coach Rezende put THEO (Opposite Hitter) to SET for Brazil & the CROWD did NOT LIKE IT! Brazil got BOOOEEDDDDD big time & were (are) heavily criticized after the match. Pls SEE BELOW for all the updates we have about the DRAMAs surrounding the NASTIEST World SHAMEpionships! )

World SHAMEpionships Timeline:

*SERBIA STARTED IT ALL…Serbia purposely lost the match against Poland in Round 1 to avoid meeting Brazil & Bulgaria in Round 2. Polish player KUREK criticized Serbia stating that he feels embarrassed for fans who spent money to watch the match while some people were too busy calculating points for Serbia. Poland won in 4 sets & joined the deadliest Pool in Round 2. Poland was crushed by Brazil & Bulgaria in 3 sets. Poland won the SILVER medal in 2006 but now they went home finishing in 13th place. A disastrous ending which might ending Coach Castellani losing his job.

*SHAME ON YOU COACH BAGNOLI…In Round 2, Russia entered its main 6 players like Mikhaylov, Berezhko & Khtey to play against Spain. After winning the first 2 sets, Bagnoli subbed out the stars & put his second stringers on the court planning to lose the match. In the end, Spain prevailed & won in 5. Bagnoli’s used this strategy to avoid facing Brazil in Round 3 and he achieved it. Coach Bagnoli did not escape the criticism but defended himself & Russia by saying that he did it for Russia using the foolish formula the tournament is using.

*CRITICISMS from BRAZIL…Even former players talked to the media to express their frustrations on the Formula the tourney is implementing. Gustavo said “A regulation that seeks to “frame” results rather than continue to fight for you in the competition. Congratulations to the geniuses of this regulation by the FIVB World!” Even the usually quite middle blocker RODRIGAO could not take it anymore and told the media “This is all nonsense. The fact is those who have favored to win and not vice versa. I’ve never seen a tournament where losing is more advantageous.”

*BRAZIL’s UNEXPECTED CHALLENGES…Brazil has gone so many rough obstacles prior to & during this tournament like: Libero Sergio didn’t recover in time for the tourney, Rezende’s ruptured tendon putting him on crutches or wheelchair, Setter Marlon was diagnosed with colitis and has not played in any match, Visotto got injured against Tunisia, Dante had back problems, Murilo got injured and was not disclosed, FIVB denied Brazil’s request to add another setter after Marlon got ill & could not play, Italian Federation threatened Mauricio Lucatella that his Italian club contract would be in jeopardy if he’d continue to practice (or even play) for Brazil. Latella is an Italian born Brazilian who plays professionally but without any international experience.

*REZENDE vs The MEDIA & The ITALIAN FEDERATION…Brazilian coach Rezende has expressed his frustrations with the “Formula” the tournament is using after witnessing what Serbia & Russia have done. Rezende stated a few words saying that “It’s a shame! The Italian media is hiding whatever they’ve done.”

*ITALIAN MEDIA FIRES BACK…Italian newspaper “Gazella” published a one page response against Coach Rezende after the coach criticized the Italian media & federation. The article generally stated that Rezende should not be complaining since he did the same strategy back in the 2004 Olympics. (Brazil purposely lost the pool play match against the USA to face a not so strong Polish team in the Quarterfinals.)

*GIBA MAKES A PROMISE…Giba on the other hand promised that when they play Bulgaria, Brazil would play with honor and would play to win. They are not afraid the teams they’d play in Round 3. (If Brazil wins their pool they will face Cuba & Spain who are both playing strong volleyball. Cuba beat Brazil 3-2 in Round 1.

*BRAZIL vs BULGARIA…After Giba’s vow, fans expected great volleyball between Brazil & Bulgaria but the match was a complete disaster! Rezende did not let his only setter Bruno & Murilo play. He had Theo set for the team who is normally an opposite hitter. On the other hand, Bulgaria rested Matey Kaziyskiy & libero Salparov. Bottomline: Brazil purposely lost the match to avoid facing Cuba & Spain in Round 3.

*FANS vs BRAZIL…Fans were booing Brazil during the match & some fans carried posters with words against Brazil. Fans were even throwing items towards the court after the match while some fans left in disgrace after Set 2. The crowd supported Bulgaria and even chanted “Cameroon!” to insult Brazil. The players rushed to their locker rooms avoiding the media.

*GIBA EXPLAINS…At the press conference after the match, Giba said that whatever happened during the match against Bulgaria & the consequences would put a “Black Mark” in his career. He also added that the “ReaL” matches would start in Round 4. (We still wonder what happened to the VOW you made prior to the match? You ate your words and got so many fans upset!)

*REZENDE COMES CLEAN…Rezende told the media that whatever happened is such a tragedy. He also shared that he had to rest Bruno since he’s the only setter on the team and has not rested since the tournament started. Bruno was having a fever. Rezende confessed that they did not play their best volleyball. “”I didn’t ask my players to play to lose tonight. We had some players with physical problems and we must be ready for Monday’s match. For sure playing against Germany and Czech Republic won’t be easier than playing against Cuba.” says Rezende.

*NIKOLOV PUTS BRAZIL TO SHAME…During the press conference, Bulgarian captain Sokolov told the media in front of Giba and Rezende “We are happy because we won against Brazil. Brazil, an unbeatable team that’s afraid to play against a small island like Cuba. We wanted to win all the games.” Giba responded with a smile.

*RESPECTABLE TEAMS…With only 12 teams left entering Round 4, Argentina, Spain & Czech Republic are the ONLY teams so far who promised to play their best volleyball against the best teams in the world without worrying about the Formula just like what the other teams have done. We have so much RESPECT for these teams and we wish them the best.

*DID USA PLAY THE SAME GAME TOO? Although no one can confirm such allegation, we’re now thinking what if the USA purposely lost the match against the Czech Republic to avoid winning their pool and enter Round 4 facing Brazil/Bulgaria? Maybe they underestimated Cameroon and almost lost in 5. We never know…

*WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK! After watching a disastrous match between Bulgaria & Brazil, FANS WANT THEIR MONEY BACK! Fans said that it was a SHAME game & not a vball game. Rezende said that he feels bad for what happened but he had to do it.

*The ITALIAN MEDIA SLAMS BRAZIL… The Italian paper “La Gazzetta Dello Sport” continues its attack on Brazil! They released an article mainly stating that Brazil is such a DISGRACE! Fans have BOOED & are PROTESTING! Former player ZORZI said Brazil left him DISGUSTED!

*ANASTASI CAN’T SHUT UP! “Brazil? It’s not the first time. They did it in the 2004 Athens Olympics. From an ethical point of view, their morality is a very BAD THING!” – Italian Coach ANASTASI. (You’re not helping! Are you afraid to face Brazil in the Semisl? If you were to criticize Brazil you might want to be FAIR & include Serbia & Russia.

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