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WordPress just suggested to me that I read one of my blog posts, I might be interested in this post.  It is a cool photo, but please look at it before reading on.




Am I the only one who noticed instantly (and I mean first impression) that all the prosthetics were wearing volleyball shoes?  And if others noticed, did they also ask the question ‘why?’ ?


  1. Because even know it is sitting Volleyball you need to wear shoes/ shoe when playing and like all Volleyball the shoes need to be non marking; ie Volleyball shoes.


    1. Of course! I was thinking they didn’t need shoes to play (at least not the shoes in the pciture) and so the shoes they wore coming to the gym shouldn’t be important, But obviously all the legs in the picture are single legs.


  2. I saw some cool video of sitting volleyball on this John Kessel lecture video at the FIVB school volleyball symposium in 06

    I thought you might like the clip he shows from a 1990 “Lion Cup” match final, which is an elementary school tournament in Japan, a televised match with 8000 screaming fans and an enthusiastic Matsudaira doing colour commentary. It could easily fit into the category of “Volleyball is different over here”


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