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I’ve written a couple of posts referencing this podcast (‘How Tall Are They Really’ and ‘Co-ompetition’) but haven’t talked about the podcast itself.

It is part of a volleyball portal (The Volleyball Network) and is run by ex-US National Team player turned broadcaster Kevin Barnett and current player and Olympic gold medallist Reid Priddy.  The portal is mainly just the podcast (which runs as a live webradio show on Mondays) with a few news items from the (US)-world of volleyball.  Obviously it is a very US-centric podcast although they cover general world volleyball (indoor and beach) and talk often about professional club volleyball and what that actually means (good and bad).  They are remarkably candid in their views (especially considering they are endorsed by USA Volleyball), even openly discussing rumours about individual players.  Interviews with current and ex-players, coaches and administrators are always interesting and provide many valuable insights on all facets of volleyball.  If you don’t want to listen to each individual podcast or want to pick and choose what to listen to, you can read rough transcripts by following the direct link, but oddly not through the main portal page.

Many of the issues they discuss in relation to US volleyball are very similar to those in Australian, in particular the contact that volleyball fans have / don’t have with high level volleyball and with the most famous players.  It is interesting when comments arise from listeners that are almost word for word the sentiments expressed by contributors and commentators on Devo about Australian volleyball.

Like Devo (and Ozvolley and Ozvolleyball) and, it is a great example of individuals taking it upon themselves to provide a service to the volleyball community.

The lesson, as always, is less complaining, more doing.


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