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I have written quite a few posts on volleyball analyticsComparisons of leagues, reviews of VNL, and about the setting analysis app developed by Ben Raymond.  What I have never written about is the base app that we use for the bulk of that analysis.

The Volleyball Reporting app collects raw data files (in several formats including Data Volley *.dvw files) and allows the user to run analyses on teams, individuals and the whole league they are involved in.  All skills are included, with innumerable statistics, many of which you probably haven’t heard of.  All statistics are sortable, and there are many, many available filters, some specific to the skill, but many generic filters including:

  • skill type,
  • setter position,
  • opponent setter,
  • opponent,
  • individual match,
  • winning and losing the set,
  • game phase,

New ideas, statistics, filters are added regularly, as people suggest them.  The most recent is a crunch time filter.  Crunch time is defined as a score of 18-18 or above (in first four sets, 8-8 in the fifth) with the score difference of two or less.  The screenshot below shows the crunch time reception attack list for the 2019-2020 season of Polish PlusLiga, sorted by rally win rate.

report app screenshot

If you are interested in statistics to help prepare your team, to better understand the game, or just for their own sake, I urge you to visit the link and play around.  There are public data sets you can use.  I promise you will get lost in there.

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