A Vision Of Volleyball

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In November 2018, I gave a presentation to the Polish School of Physical Education (AWF) in Katowice.  The topic was “Kluczowe ćwiczenia  techniki i taktyki  w treningu zespołu profesjonalnego” or perhaps better “Key techniques and tactics exercises in the training of a professional team”.  As part of the introduction I gave a description of my philosophy or vision of volleyball. I have edited that introduction, to remove the Polish translation that is audible.

Scroll down for the outline of the presentation.  I will upload the practical component, an actual training session, in the next few days.


Key elements of volleyball

Reading – Volleyball is reading

  • How we see situations
  • How we respond technically


  • How we work together

Team – volleyball is the ultimate team game

  • Read – the game the same way
  • Decide – on the same course of action
  • Act – together

How do we prepare this?

  • 6 v 6
  • Coach decides the focus by structure of the game and the scoring system
  • No competition
    • Repetition
    • Repeat errors of organisation
  • Competition
    • Set tasks
    • Bonus points


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